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The ALS Technical Conference Division offers the Government the technical experience, program management and cost realism supported by total quality service and state-of-the-art technology necessary to satisfy all conference support requirements.

Knowledge Management

We understand the management and coordination of the government task. Included but not limited to:

  • Production of a quality conference indicative of the government's desire for excellence in all phases of its work
  • Technical support, administration, organization, and coordination of the conference in accordance with approved schedules and milestones
  • Preparation, control, and reporting of program management data including milestone charts, expenditure reports, and progress reports
  • Database accuracy
  • Cost-effective conference support
  • Accurate accounting for and effective management of registration fees
Highly Experienced Personnel
ALS's Technical Conference Division is directed by Ms. Carolyn Keen, CMP. Ms. Keen brings to this effort over 30 years of experience in conducting technical conferences, meetings, symposiums, complex summer studies and report writing sessions for the government.
Our meeting planners have managed hundreds of conferences. Our experience supports requirements for conference planning and operations, special technical services, information dissemination, and a demonstrated ability to manage and support concurrent conferences.


Cost Effectiveness

Our experience with cost effectiveness include:

  • Knowing real costs for event session material requirements
  • Understanding government conference rules and regulations
  • Understanding site capabilities and related transportation costs through experience at those sites and travel cost models
  • Understanding event session requirements for the determination of accurate and reliable support costs
  • Using the Government Printing Office to provide event session related documents
  • Using VTC to provide up-to-the minute event sessions and to reduce travel costs
  • Negotiating costs from a wide assortment of vendors
Specialized Technical Services Are Available for Conference, Meeting, Symposium and Report Writing Session Support. The need for specialized technical support for conference, meeting, symposium and report writing session production is often overlooked. The ALS Technical Conference Division provides:
  • Specialized computer support (web site development and maintenance, special programming and special on-site non-secure server/LAN operations)
  • Engineering to support exhibitions and other special operational requirements
  • Modeling in support of planning and programming
  • Support for technical document production
  • Consultants and translators required for specialized program support

Technical Services

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